Who is our cooperation offer intended for?
For individuals already running businesses and looking to expand their product range.
If you are already a business owner, seize the opportunity to diversify your product range and increase your income.

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Why Choose Us?

Price is the key factor. Customers prefer more affordable options.

We are a dynamically growing company in both the Polish and international markets. With years of experience, we have a deep understanding of market demands and offer one of the most extensive carpet selections.

Our carpets are known for their durability, as attested by our customers’ reviews.

We do not settle for the ordinary. We continually craft new designs to best match customer preferences.

Our carpets are manufactured in Turkey, and as direct importers, we transport them to our warehouses in Poland. We curate our collections and carefully select details to meet customer needs.

Our own warehouses and transportation are our assets, allowing us to offer competitive prices. In consideration of our customers’ convenience and time, we also provide courier deliveries.

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